Edil Medeiros


I’m Edil Medeiros, an Associate Professor at the University of Brasilia. Please check my resumé (portuguese version) or my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in my professional background. You may also find academic directed information on my ORCID, Google Scholar profiles, or at the Lattes Platform (the Brazilian academic CV database).

I’ve been working on two main research fronts:

  • techniques for compressing point cloud geometry information;

I contribute to the SilhouetteCoder project, a point cloud geometry codec based on the dyadic decomposition technique we developed at the University of Brasília. The lossless codec runs in C++ and we achieve state of the art compression efficiency. We have intra and inter versions of the coder, as well as a lossy version of it.

  • model-based design methodologies for embedded systems, inpired on functional programming concepts.

I contributed to the ForSyDe project led by Prof. Ingo Sander at the KTH Institute of Technology in Sweden. ForSyDe is a design methodology with a formal basis for modeling and design of heterogeneous systems-on-chip and cyber-physical systems. More recently, me and Eduardo Lemos have been working on FACT, a domain-specific language based on a functional algebra for continuous time modeling.

Please check my list of publications to find specific scientific contributions.

I have a background in semiconductor design and have contributed with circuit design and system-level modeling to systems on chip (SoC) for precision agriculture applications and with the design and verification of hardware random-number generators (HRNG) and physical unclonable function (PUF) circuits for security applications. In 2014, I co-founded DFChip, a design house based on Brasília specialized in low-power analog power management intellectual property (IP) modules. I left the business in 2017.

I’m personally interested in economics, law, politics, ethics, and philosophy. In 2014, I co-founded the Liberal Institute of the Center-West (ILCO), a non-profit organization with the mission of spreading classical liberalism ideas among Brazilian university centers. In 2019, I co-founded the Brasília chapter of the Leadership Development Institute (IFL BSB), a non-profit that runs a training cycle on classical liberalism, business management, and entrepreneurship. I regularly write for the Libearl Institute website and other Brazilian classical liberal venues. Please check my list of non academic publications to learn my viewpoint about social organization and cooperation.

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